Monday, 2 July 2012

Guns 'N' Roses

Hat:Primark Tshirt:H&M Shorts:Topshop Creepers:Ebay

I treated myself to these shorts a few weeks back as I desperately needed an outfit for a party. They were a very last minute purchase and I wasn't even sure if I'd wear them again, but I love them! The stripes are ultra cute and candy colours are a growing trend at the moment. They are quite hard to pair with outfits but this grunge Guns 'N' Roses crop tee works really well as it gives the shorts a more edgy look, and the Creepers fit right in!
I don't usually wear hats but it was a present from my boyfriend and the colour goes well with this outfit. I'm obsessed with burgundy at the moment so expect to see this colour popping up throughout my posts.


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