Thursday, 28 June 2012

Creeper Purchase

I'm glad to say that I finally plucked up the courage and purchased a pair of Creepers! I spent weeks debating this but after speaking to other bloggers and doing some Tumblr research I decided they would be a great edition to my collection. Luckily I was right, they are my new favourite thing and are so versatile they go with absolutely everything! I got them from ebay at a mere £25 which is peanuts compared to the £95 underground price, and to be honest I cant tell the difference in quality. 
It is safe to say that this is only the start of my Creeper obsession, I might get some pastel ones for summer as a whole new range of styles has just been released.

Happy Creeping


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Snowed Under

Cant believe I haven't posted in nearly 2 weeks!
I thought I'd post to share my excuse with you hehe. I've spent my whole half term stuck inside revising for my math and science GCSE modules, but it gets worse... starting on the 21st I have a week of mock exams in every subject, including an all day art exam!

My room has been invaded by post it notes as you can see, but hopefully all my hard work will pay off. I'll try to do some OOTD posts in the coming weekends and if not then I'll definitely be posting regularly from July onwards!

Good luck to anyone else with exams coming up!

liv x