Thursday, 19 July 2012

Footwear Faves

*All images have been sourced from Tumblr and Google Images*

I've been a bit stuck for posts recently as I've been forgetful as usual and lost my camera memory card and haven't bought new batteries for it yet. With summer on the door step I haven't got long before my holiday to turkey for a week! I'm so excited and have got some last minute purchases to make, one of the most important being SHOES.

Until recently I've never seen shoes as interesting or important in an outfit as clothes, but after buying my creepers I'm fascinated! I'm literally saving for every colour creeper there is out there...
The classics such as Converse and Litas will never go out of fashion so will always be a great investment. It was a tough choice between Docs and Creepers for my first major shoes purchase but Doc Martins are defo on my wishlist. No festival goer is complete without some Hunters, Nike Blazers are huge hit right now and I must admit I have a soft spot for Vans, especially these studded beauties!

Now there's just the impossible decision of choosing which shoes I'll be rocking this summer?!


  1. Replies
    1. same I've never seen them sold anywhere though:( xx

  2. Cool post! I am a total Creeper lover and I can't wait to purchase some of my own! The JC Lita's are just beautiful aren't they?

    1. yes they are gorgeee but far too high for me to wear!xx