Sunday, 22 July 2012

Lauren's Way Gradual Tan

My camera is still a no go at the moment so I have resorted to my blackberry camera.
This is my first review and as it's summer I thought I'd go for fake tan! I was actually lucky enough to be given this for free in the infamous Bloggers Boutique goody bag, and the mit I bought for only 25p! Bargain or what?

It's a gel fake tan so applies really easily - I simply rubbed into the skin using circular motions squeezing a small amount onto the mit each time. It goes on really light so you have to be careful not to miss patches and make sure you rub in an even layer. I was really pleased with the results as it has a matte finish making it look very natural. Another plus is that it dries very quickly and doesn't leave you feeling sticky when you get dressed! As it's a gradual tan I will continue using this everyday to build up the colour before my holiday next week so I'm not the only milk bottle on the beach.

I would definitely recommend this to first time or experienced tan users!

Have any of you got any fake tan recommendations?

liv x

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