Saturday, 12 May 2012

may wishlist!

Recently I've been obsessed with missguided! They stock the latest fashions at the best prices, have a peek at I was thrilled to discover that they also have a blog! Where they post about different events they host and also promote bloggers wearing their clothes. My favourite part of their blog is there outfit suggestions which I will probably show you in a seperate post some time
soon. Patterned jeans and leggings have been a huge trend lately, and I love the fact that these jeans are not the typical black and white stripes, yet they are still monochrome so will go with loads of outfits!

I'm desperate for some new shoes as I wear my burgundy vans all the time and need to something new to kickstart my new, more vintage style. I've had my eye on Doc Martens and also Creepers. I was undecided for a long time on whether I like Creepers or not, but after many months of tumblring I'm glad to say I've been converted:D Still need some encouragement before I purchase a pair though!

Nail rock nail wraps in tribal gold are absolutely gorgeous but my nails need to do some growing before i'll be investing in a packet ,and I desperately need to get some new glasses as both my pairs have broken and I'm so very blind without them:(

Soon I am hoping to bleach a pair of my denim hotpants and hopefully be able to post about it:)

Happy Blogging
liv x


  1. Definitely go for creepers! I literally live in them and my docs, they're just the perfect footwear! Really like your blog - I guess we do look quite similar hahah ;) I can't believe you're new to this, your posts are really good!


  2. Really amy?! that means a lot thankyou, still trying to improve my blog all the time, and yes I think I will definitely be getting creepers!xxx