Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Bloggers Boutique

On the 26th of May I attended the star studded, Lita loaded Bloggers Boutique held at the Drift Bar on Liverpool street! I went with 2 of my school friends Debbie:, and Addie:

I was so nervous as we were the youngest ones there and I'm relatively new to blogging, so I felt slightly intimidated by all the well known faces due to attend. To make matters worse we got lost on the way to the venue! This did however have a plus side, as we got to meet some fellow bloggers who were also lost.

Throughout the event we were treated to many talks and demonstrations from brands such as Betty Hula, Filthy Gorgeous, Internacionale, and Motel Rocks. We mingled with many bloggers as you can see from the pictures above! It was so nice to be able to put a face to some of the blogs I love and follow.

The cherry on the cake was definitely the free goodie bag everyone recieved at the end! I couldn't believe it weighed so much! Lauren's Way fake tan, false eyelashes, eyeliners, conditioners, Filthy Gorgeous and Betty Hula products were all included inside, aswell as a LOOK magazine to read on the way home.

I had a wonderful day and would like to congratulate Shope,Shore, and Amy on organising and hosting such a successful day, can't wait for the next Bloggers Boutique!

Liv x


  1. Wow i'm jealous, looks like fun!


  2. thanks it really was a brilliant event!xx