Friday, 17 February 2012

lovely levi's

I guess this is my first proper post for my blog, as 'inconsiderate people' was an anger fueled rush, and not what i hope to continue posting.
So to kick start my blog, i thought i would share with you the recent purchase, of my first pair of levi shorts! I'm so excited to have finally found a pair, and at £20 i was thrilled when i found these lurking on ebay. They are a light wash denim, which is lucky because my denim collection is primarily dark. They have been proffesionally reworked to give a vintage, distressed feel which i love.
However when they arrived they were longer than i expected, so the keen seamstress i am, i decided to take them up abit, putting in a few small stiches around the hem. i am delighted with the results and hope to feature them in an outfit of the day very soon.

hope you enjoy,

liv x

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